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Tommi Hiillos has acquired all shares of the Screen House from Timo Hakamäki, Mikko Kuusisto and Veli-Pekka Tenhunen on March the 28th, 2019. The previous shareholders continue as employees of the company.

The purpose of the acquisition is to ensure continuation and development on all business operations of the company in the hands of an experienced professional. The new owner has a 20-year international career in mobile technology and electronics industry. Tommi Hiillos and the team are exited of the future opportunities to enhance and develop the services of Screen House while offering customers always top-notch quality and optimized solutions to meet the customer specific requirements.

Screen House Oy specializes in printing works for the electronics industry. We design and manufacture membrane switches, switch membranes, logo labels and machine plates, as well as insulation and protective plates. We laser cut and die cut tapes and thin insulation materials and provide them on reel or sheet. Our products are used in demanding conditions: in welding machines, alarm systems, ships, jacuzzies, saunas etc. This means that materials and production must be of top-class quality. We manufacture proto and production series efficiently and professionally.

For more information, please contact:

Tommi Hiillos

Owner / CEO

Screen House OY

Phone +358 40 552 4590

Email: tommi.hiillos@screenhouse.fi